August 05, 2012

A Story of Love: An Answered Prayer

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I can say now that I really was a very persistent friend to Steve.
I was even wondering why I was so persistent.
When I think of it now, God has been probably putting something in my heart that time. 
He revealed to me that I'm gonna have an answer to my old prayer way back in 2007.

God made me realize that I don't have to rush into getting in a relationship.
He opened my eyes that I should just focus on my studies and not think about it yet.
Although, He told me that the right man will come at the right time. *excited*
That is why he is called the right man right? :D
Hmmm... So I decided to just wait and pray.
And you want to know what my prayer is?
It has been the prayer of my heart as I was patiently waiting so I know it by heart.
I was even specific on the qualifications. LOL

Father, at the right time, I pray that you will give me a man in my life. Not just an ordinary man or any other man but a man after your own heart. I pray that he will take care of my heart just as how you take care of mine. I also want a man who has the same faith as mine. I just want to serve you with him by my side and not have him hinder my relationship with you. I would be even more blessed if I will have him as my spiritual leader. So maybe a little older than me, say 5-7 years. And of course Father, I want a handsome man and he probably should be taller than me. He should also be silly and romantic at the same time.
Father, I also would like to make a difference in his life when I will finally get to meet him. I am not asking for a broken man because  I know that you alone can fix broken and crushed hearts. I just want to help and show him how much you love him and that he is someone worth loving. I would love to be the one who will remind him that his past does not define him at all.
Father, I know that if I delight in you, you will give me the desires of my heart. So here are the desires of my heart. Thank you for listening Papa!

Steve and I spent a lot of time just chatting over Yahoo Messenger and exchanging messages.
When we got more comfortable, we then started the video calls.
The funny thing is he doesn't have a webcam yet that time and I have one.
So he can see me but I can't see him.
I could hear him though {I love how deep his voice is}.

It was June of 2010 when he stopped talking to me again.
And this is where you get to know how persistent I really was that time.
Since he won't talk to me, I started writing him emails.
Yup! I even numbered them.
I wrote to him about just anything: my experiences, frustration and joys.
And it always ends to this, "Where are you?" and "I hope to talk to you soon".
I also asked him to get a webcam. haha!
There were no replies to my emails.
That can be very frustrating but I never gave up!
I sent emails and finally got a reply for my Letter No. 9.
It was very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.
He told me about how sorry he is and that he was just really busy.
He went on and said about things that I helped him realize over the past few months.
He said I helped provoke things in him and helped pull blinders off his eye.

and then suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head!
and I was like, Father, what is going on?
This was like one of my qualifications for a man!
You can't be serious Papa! He is like so far from here!
I reviewed my prayer.
Yes I can see that he is like the answer already, but why does he have to live so far?
Then I was like I did not specify the place!
So that is why!

I was filled with so many questions and doubts.
There I was slowly realizing that he is the answer to my prayer and have no idea how to convince him.
I even have a hard time convincing myself because of our distance.
So here comes my answered prayer who has ZERO idea about it.
Should I tell him about it?
Isn't that embarassing?
But if I won't tell him, how will he know?
Should I let this man go when God is telling me that he is the man for me?
What to do? What to do?

guess you will have to see in my next post... ;)


  1. Gahhhhh!!!! Cliff Hanger!! This post blessed me so much! I love how amazing our heavenly Father is!

    1. Yay!!!! I'm glad it blessed you! God is really amazing. He is the best story writer! ;) I promise to write the next part ASAP! Hehehe

  2. I love your post!! And this is such a sweet story

    1. Thank you for being sweet Alyssa! You made me smile. ;)