June 10, 2012

A Story of Love: Persistence and Friendship

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I was wondering how he was doing the time he stopped talking to me.
I felt like it was up to me to make a move and check on him.
Maybe a Facebook post on his wall will catch his attention. hmmm
I am persistent like that! ;)

{January 2} Hannah: Steve! Happy new year! Hope to hear from you soon. :D 

I waited.
There was no comment or reply or anything. 
My mind was telling me that maybe he really doesn't want to talk to me.
My heart was hoping that he was just busy and that he will contact me soon.
I was busy with school that time too but I would always check FB hoping that he was there.
But there were no signs of Steve anywhere.

{March 19} Steve: Hey you. Sorry haven't been on in while. Excited to hear you're doing your finals. I will keep you in my prayers for school as well as your trip to the US.  Are you going to one of the events?

Finally, after months of waiting, he posted a message on my wall! 
Uh huh! 
The trip to the US he was talking about was a desire of my heart.
There were so many things to consider that time so it did not happen yet but it will!
I was so happy and excited that he replied!
I replied right away!

We exchanged a few FB posts and he stopped replying again.
I was beginning to think that there was something wrong going on. 
It turns out that his modem died. They will send him a new one but he has to wait.
He asked how my exams were and that he will continue to pray for the trip.
I told him I passed all my subjects and thanked him for all the prayers.
When he did not reply again, I bugged him about his modem. 
I even told him that he better talk to me or else...haha

After few days of waiting {again}, I asked him how he was.
Then he said he was a little frustrated with himself.
When I asked why, he did not reply anymore.
I was worried that he was fed up with me.
When I think back to that time, I really was very persistent that I may be annoying. haha

After the crazy appearing-disappearing, replying-not-replying act, he finally realized one thing.
He can't get rid of me.
I thank God that He gave me patience to be persistent and not give up on Steve. ;)
We talked more and more.
We would chat when he gets home from work.
We told each other our frustrations as well as our blessings and little joys.
We talked a lot especially in between his shifts and after my classes.
Our pasts, the present and some futures.
Our likes, dislikes and so many stupid and silly things.
We truly befriended each other.
He even changed his phone plan into unlimited text after receiving a huge bill since we started talking a lot. :D

When we talked about this later in the relationship, he admitted that at one point, he was trying to avoid me.
BUT not just me. He was trying to avoid everyone, even his friends and the fellowship.
He went into a very deep depression and hung out with people who knew nothing about him
There he was trying to hide from the world and there I am pushing him to open up.
Then he decided to continue talking to me because, hey, I am a stranger.
He felt he could just relax and have a casual conversation with me.
He said talking to me became the best highlight of his day. awhhhh
Isn't he the sweetest???

He was really not sure why I was so persistent in being friends with him.
As for me, I just love talking to him.
Its like I can tell him about everything and I am not worried that I'll be rejected or judged.
I don't know why I was very very persistent too.
I just knew that God was putting something in my heart that time.
I also knew that He was going to reveal something to me though I'm not sure what.
Is it about Steve and me?
Is it about our friendship?
Or is it about something better than that.
Like an answered prayer maybe? :)

more to come..

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  1. another great post. people should take long long distance relationships seriously and be tolerant of interracial relationships