June 06, 2012

A Toddler's Adventure: Third Day of School

Thank God! Compared to the first and the second day, today was a success!
There was a minor glitch but everything went really well.

We thought we would be late but we still arrived early. LOL
We prayed and memorize verses while waiting for the other classes to be over.
She was so silly and wanted me to take pictures of her while she is playing.

 Finally, it was time to go inside the classroom.
She did not want to go inside at first but in the end, she did!
Her friend Gayle called her and told her to come inside. :)
I still went with her inside the classroom but she was a lot better.

She participated in class activities and got stars.
Teacher Helen gave her lots of stars for writing horizontal lines and for coloring an orange fruit orange. :D

horizontal lines
orange fruit

Teacher Vernie also gave her stars and a smiley for drawing any shapes she like and coloring them.
She chose an oblong and some random shapes.

random shapes

She totally enjoyed being in the other section which is now her official section. YAY!!!
She has lots of girlfriends and they are nice to her.
One kid also said that he liked it that Zyrish is their classmate.

Today is an answered prayer. Thank God for that!
and also a big thanks to all of you who prayed for her. :)
You are all awesome!

chatting with her friend Gayle