June 05, 2012

A Toddler's Adventure: Second Day of School

The second day of school was a lot more tough than the first one.
Totally not what I expected. Oh well. At least it is over. :)

We arrived at school and she was so happy and excited.
9:30 AM came and it was time to get inside the room.
She still wanted me to stay inside. I did.
Then she just cried for no reason.
She said she wanted to leave and go see Papa Dolfo {my Father}.

I know her so much and I knew that at that moment, we have to leave.
Actually, the idea of homeschooling seemed like a great option for me that time. hah!
But I really believe that she just needs more time to adjust.
I requested her teachers to transfer her to the other section where her friend is.
They agreed. YAY!
She was happy with that but she still wanted to leave. LOL

We are gonna try again tomorrow in the other section.
She said that I can wait outside. Lets see. :)
I really hope and pray that everything will work out for her.
Please continue to pray for my sweet angel. ♥


  1. She's young. Kids that age are usually very clingy, so it's not that surprising that she wanted you to stay with her. Once she becomes more comfortable with the teacher and the other children I'm sure she'll be fine and allow you to leave. -Audrey

  2. i agree with Audrey. just give her some time