June 04, 2012

A Toddler's Adventure: First Day of School

Today is a very special day for my little niece Zyrish
It's her first day in school as a nursery. I still can't believe it!
It feels like she was just born yesterday and then out of nowhere, she is now a preschooler?
That happened so fast.
I just believe it's gonna be one of her biggest milestones and for that, I am truly excited for her.

During her enrollment, the lady told us to be there at school by 9 AM. 
She woke up 6 AM. She was totally excited!
She was busy packing her snacks while everyone were also busy getting ready for work and school.
I was working on chores and all and she wanted to shower already!
That was just 7 AM.

After all the chaos which includes us looking for her shoes and her sharpener, we were ready by 8 AM.
She was so ready to leave but I told her we can't leave yet not until we take pictures of her. ;)
She willingly gave me her smiles just so we can leave already! hahaha

We arrived at her school by 8:40 AM and found out that her class does not start until 9:30 AM. Hah!
We were too early! Well, they said that the early bird catches the worm so that was okay.
We looked at her schedules and said our hellos to the people there.
We saw the Philippine Flag and she said that I should take a picture of her and the flag.

She was shy at first but she easily made friends. :)
Few minutes later, they started running around the school grounds chasing each other.

It is just sad they are not classmates because she is 3 years old and they are 4.
By 9:30 AM, the teacher started calling their name.
It is now time to get inside the classroom.

She was so excited to go inside that I never expected that she will be totally different once we were there.
There were just 4 students but they said more will come the next day.
When it was time for the parents/guardians to leave, she changed her mood.
One kid started crying and when he cried, Zyrish cried too.
She didn't want me to leave anymore. 
The teacher then said that we can stay.

Aside from her mood and tears, she performed well in class. {That's my girl!}
When Teacher Vernie asked her to count from 1 to 10, she did it perfectly!
I was so proud of her!
I also helped her draw a bear and she got a star!
They did lots of action songs. She sang and danced gracefully.
She started to warm up but she told me to just stay there. hahaha
She then told me that I can wait outside tomorrow. whew!

I know she is just starting to deal with changes but I am certain that she will do great.
I just hope that she will not cry anymore and allow me to wait outside.
How I wish I can bring my "The Confident Woman" eBook so I can read it while waiting.
But I can't do it without bringing my laptop with me.
Well, that can wait. I can just read my Bible then. :)

We look forward to tomorrow!
Please keep us in your prayers. ♥


  1. She is so precious!


    1. Thank you lady! She is our little angel. ♥

  2. Replies
    1. I love you so much Tati Kim! {she said it 3x times while pointing at your picture}

  3. so cute! She is such a precious little girl!