May 28, 2012

A Story of Love: The Start of Something New

I want to write something cute and wonderful in my blog but I don't know about what.
Then like an answered prayer, one of my favorite blog, Little Miss Momma came to the rescue.
I love it when that happens! ♥
You are an angel Miss Ashley! Thanks for the inspiration.

Every love story has a beginning.
Ours was not the typical "love at first sight" story.
No awkward glances. No butterflies in tummy.
We have not even seen each other in person that time.
It all just started with a friend request in Facebook.

August of 2008.
I was in my last year in college when I first heard of Facebook.
I just got home from school. I was gonna read the bimonthly magazine of our ministry July/Aug 2008 issue.
On the front page of the magazine were the words "Find us on Facebook". What is in Facebook?

So I went ahead and checked Facebook and I found myself signing up for an account.
Few moments later, I looked for the group of the ministry and started adding people from the group even if I don't know most of them. This was the time when people get thrilled when they get friend request.
I guess that is why they accepted my request. :)
I introduced myself to them saying that I am part of the ministry in the Philippines and would love to know people with the same belief as mine. They were mostly Americans.
I love being friends with people from a different country because of the uniqueness of each culture.
It is always fun to talk about similarities and differences.

I never knew that among those new friends that I have is my future fiance!
Steve accepted my friend request in September 2008.
He was doubting if he will accept my friend request or not. We have not seen each other in person yet.
He only knew that I am from the ministry but other than that, he totally don't know who I am.
Why will he be friends with me? hahaha.
He ended up accepting my friend request anyway.
Although, we never talked.

He deleted some friends in his list because he don't know them. I was suppose to be included.
Thankfully he never did.
He would have deleted his future fiancee.
He said he thought I was cute and there is really no harm of being friends with me. 
{I only knew his side of the story when we started dating.}

Life goes on.
I graduated from college by March of 2009 and applied for a scholarship for my masters degree.
I got accepted and was back to school by June 2009.
We still don't know each other.
However, one time, when I was going through my friends' walls, I stumbled on his.
That is when I noticed him. He have the most beautiful set of eyes!
He looks tough on the outside but I knew that deep inside, he is a sweet guy.
I don't how I knew. I just know.
I would look at his profile picture from time to time and study his facial expression.
I really think that he is handsome plus mysterious. I like that.
And he is 7 years older than me. I like that too!

Back that time, I was always online in FB chat and I would greet all of my online friends.
Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! I was too friendly to everyone.
Then one day, he was online. I was online too. That was September of 2009.

Finally, after a year of being FB friends, we exchanged a few hellos.
Asked each other about how was class and asked how each other was.
We talked about how awesome it is to be talking even when we were so far away.
We also talked about time differences amazed that its my morning and its his evening.
We kept chatting whenever we catch each other on FB and just talk about different things.
He loves to write loooooooong messages. I always tease him. I call him a novelist.
It was all going smoothly until he decided to just disappear.
Just as the end of the year is coming, so is our friendship?

more to come...


  1. hi Hannah, Love your story so far! Too sweet! and your couple pic is adorable, such a cute couple :) thank you for sharing with me. xoxo, ashley

    1. Oh my goodness! You just made my day Ashley! I was hoping that you will read this but I never really expect it because I think you are soooo busy. lol. You are the sweetest ever!!! xoxo