August 11, 2012

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Baybee!

Oh wow.
We have been dating for two years now!!!
Can you imagine that?
Oh wait, we are not only dating

It feels like our story just started yesterday.
the bazillion messages we sent to each other while getting to know each other
the huge phone bills you got {even when we were still friends that time}
 the video calls
Facebook chats
Yahoo Messenger chats
the numbered emails
and there was the time when we accepted the challenge of being in a long distance relationship
the Skype dates
movie dates {over Skype}
coffee dates {still over Skype}
unlimited free Gmail calls {which is not free anymore}

but the best things were the hugs and kisses {in person}
the real coffee date
the fun time we had at the beach
the "holding hands while walking"
 jeepney rides

We have gone a long way.
and we have God to thank for that. ;)
Baybee, thank you for being my partner, my constant encourager and my number 1 supporter.
Thank you for being my spiritual leader.
Thank you for your honesty and for your respect for me.
Thank you for loving me and showing me your love in many ways.

 I love you so much!
I am so blessed that you are in my life.
I always thank God for putting you in my life.
He knows I need you!
There are still lots of uncertainties in the future but I know I am not alone.
You are with me!

I was inspired to write a song for you.
Well, here is another one for you and I hope you will love it!

There's No Way But Up 


  1. wow, you have a beautiful voice Hannah!

    1. awhhh. Thank you Liz. You are too sweet. :D

  2. This is amazing!! You're so darn cute and your voice is lovely!! <3