June 20, 2011

Some Projects

I have done quite a few things since I got my sewing machine. Some of it: mend my Mama's school uniform, shortened my brother's pants and some of Mama's curtains for school (the very simple ones). However, the ones that I really love: making clothes for my little niece.

Bubble Dress

Apron Top

I also tried making an adult version of bubble dress for me but I decided to give it to my twin sister. This is me trying the dress on.

Bubble Dress - Adult Version

Notice how each dress have the yellow fabric? LOL. That is because when I went looking for some fabrics, the first store that I went to only have very few pretty fabrics and this is one of the few. So good to know that as of now, I have found lots of stores that got lots and lots and lots of pretty fabrics.
I now have lots of choices.

And one more reason is I truly love the color YELLOW.

Anyway, I am excited to make a dress and this time for myself but for now,

I need to finish this thesis thing once and for all. I just don't have the motivation to start working on it which is sad :( because I am almost done with it. I could really use some prayers.

However special people in your life always makes things a lot more sweeter and happier despite all the terrible things happening. I really want to thank God for my family who accepts and supports me wholeheartedly and my sweet loving man who never fails to make me feel so loved and supported and doing his best to make me smile. :)  He even said the following:

"Whenever you smile because of something I have done,
it's like you are returning my love and affection.
I think one of the most beautiful things I will always get to witness I hope
more often than sunsets,
more than dark rainy days,
more than days in a year
is your beautiful smile towards me
or just your smile in general"

I am still amazed on how he can say such sweet things beautifully. but to that i just said:


 LOL. I also thank God for the wonderful friends and super duper amazing brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world who are always just a prayer away and whose hearts are forever tied to mine.

Above all this, I thank God for being my strength in all of these. Truly I am a daughter of the Most High. That makes me a royalty right? LOL.
And when I read this very word of God, everything gets a 100 times better: 

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28   

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