September 09, 2011

A Sunrise Date

Few moments ago, I just had a sunrise date with my Baybee. Yup! A. SUNRISE. DATE! You might ask how that is possible when we are a thousand miles away. That was all possible because of Stevie’s creative and romantic mind. I really thank God for him. I truly don’t know how to fully express my overwhelming happiness in this event. He always makes special things for me and for that I am truly blessed and I feel so loved and cherished.

 Just last Friday, I decided that I will live in a house near school for a month. [Only for a month because my contract ends this October but I really do hope that they will extend my stay in this work. This has been a great blessing to me.] Going home everyday has been very stressful for me because of the trips that I make. Anyway, living here would mean that I won’t have the internet when I get home and that means not getting to see the man who I am so used to see and talk to everyday at the end and beginning of my day. Not getting to see his cute and silly smiles. Also, I won’t be able to see my cutie niece and my family. It is a very hard decision but it seems to be the right decision to make. I was right. It was hard. It’s even a lot harder than I thought.

 How was it bearable? It was through Steve’s videos. He recorded some videos and sends it to me every day. It was so comforting getting to see him smile. The way his hands move. The way he looks at me. His mannerisms. I have never really studied them that much until I get to watch his videos over and over and over again.

 The latest thing that he recorded was him watching the sunrise in the park. He researched on when the sunrise is in the Philippines and when is the sunrise in Arkansas. He then pre-recorded a sunrise so I can watch it when the sun is also rising here in my time. Isn’t that the most sweetest thing ever! [MS Word underlined the word MOST SWEETEST with green. I know it’s redundant but you must admit it WORD, it was the most sweetest thing ever! lol] He also called me so it feels like we are really watching the sunrise together.

 We realized that since we don’t see each other that much anymore, we can do little things like watch sunrise together even when its pre-recorded or big things like praying together at certain times and have quite time during a particular time. Maybe we can also include eating at the same time or drinking water at the same time? LOL. Well, maybe it’s too much but then again, maybe it’s not. So I guess we might have to really do just that. :D

I can’t let this man go! He is the one I’m going to marry. That is for certain. You might say it will be hard. We know. It will be a lot harder than what you and I think but God’s word says that we should not be anxious about it but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, we will present this request to God, this prayer to Him and His peace which transcends all understanding will guard our hearts and mind in Christ Jesus. He will make things work. That is for certain. ♥

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