May 29, 2011

An Unexpected Gift

Last May 25, it was almost noon when Ate Van called me and told me that a package for me arrived and it is waiting for me. :) I asked who it came from and she told me it is from my good friend/sister Krysti Waller. I was very very excited but I still have lots of things to prepare for the youth camp that I will attend and so I can't go home yet. I asked Ate what it is and she said its a SEWING MACHINE!!!

ahhhhhh!!!! ♥

If you didn't got that, I have a sewing machine!!! I am uber excited to see it so when I was done packing my things, I hurriedly went to the bus terminal and was sooo looking forward to going home.When I was finally home, I can't totally explain what I felt when I saw the box of the sewing machine!!! Yay! I wanted to cry but I was just very happy.

I didn't open the box first but instead, I read the letter and I was surprised that it was a joint gift of Krysti and another friend Caity FryeWeaver for my birthday! I feel like I really need to bawl. :) My heart was filled with so much HAPPINESS!

When I opened the machine, I really didn't had the time to get to know it more because we are leaving for camp later that night which was another thing I really look forward too. :)

a sewing machine for me!!!

But know that I am back from camp, I started getting to know her more like threading the bobbins, the upper threads....the sweet things to learn are endless!

Thank you Krysti and Caity for this wonderful thing that you gave me! God bless you both sweet ladies! ♥ 

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