June 03, 2011

First Real Project

Now that I have a sewing machine, I can finally start making the cute things that I have found in the blog world for the past few months!!! I am totally excited!

Well, I have already made some "sort-of projects" these past few months, all hand sewn. But!!! {with so much emphasis on the but}, most of the things that I want to do requires a machine. That is why I was really blessed when I got a sewing machine as a gift for my birthday. I am still pretty much stoked about it. Thanks Krysti and Caity! ♥

When I got the machine, I just pretty much studied on how to operate the machine. {threading it and then the bobbin and the tensions and the stitches!} It was so overwhelming and I am so happy with my machine. With it, I can do the things that I want to do! I have never used a sewing machine before but this machine is so great for beginners like me. I now know the basics and excited for my journey towards being better in sewing. Of course, a big YAY for manuals and the thousands of blogs and tutorials in the blogsphere! They are so inspiring and of course very generous. I thank God for all of you!

Most of the blogs that I have read are  made by mommies who have their babies as there customers and models. Lucky for me because even though I am not married yet and don't have babies, I have my wonderful niece to fill up the position so yeah!!! ♥

Like I said, there are lots of things that are in the blogsphere that are just waiting for me to work on them and it is so hard to choose! LOL. But since I am still a beginner, I'll stick to the more easy ones and the project that I am gonna work with will be...


Bubble Dress

The tutorial for this bubble dress is from Made By Lex. I love how she made it so easy and so yeah, this is what I am going to do for our cute angel. Please pray that I get to make it right and that she will wear it.

I hope I can finish this before Sunday so she can wear it to fellowship. YAY! ♥

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