August 21, 2012

Lock Screens. Lock Screens. Lock Screens.

I really like making lock screens for the verses we memorize at the She Reads Truth community.
I just started making these lock screens when I got the free iPod.
and I don't just use it for my iPod, I also use it as my desktop background.

I love how it looks on my desktop where it stays in the center and the sides are black.
I can just put my icons on either side so it is easier to find them. {does that make sense?}
Then I have the lock screen in the middle which is now a desktop background.

The verses are chosen by the leaders and different every week.
Well, recently, the leaders said we can choose any verse to memorize instead of them choosing it.
and if ever we do make lock screens, we can share it to the community.
I just love that idea!
So I added a  new page where I can place all the lock screens I have made and will make.

Go to the page #SheReadsTruth Lock Screens at the top or just click here.
Feel free to grab any of it for personal use. :)

And here is an exciting thing for you!
If you want a verse to be made into a lock screen and you don't have time to do it on your own,
 I'll be very willing to do it for you. 
Don't be shy. :)
It will bless me if you let me do it for you.
Just tell me what verse and version you like and I will do my best to make it for you. :)
You can either give me your e-mail or check  #SheReadsTruth Lock Screens page at the top.


  1. This is so sweet of you Hannah. Would you please make me a lock screen of Proverbs 14:1 in the NIV? Please let me know- email:

    Thank you so much for offering your talents, and I'd be willing to pay for your services :))))

    Thank you, ~ Lakeisha

    1. I would love to Lakeisha! I am so excited to make one for you!!! I will email it to you as soon as I am done and no need to pay pretty! :) I am blessed that you allow me to do this! :)

    2. I already sent it to your e-mail Lakeisha! I hope you will like it. :)