August 20, 2012

Dreads. Desires.

We have been reading the book of Proverbs in the She Reads Truth community.
Everyday, we read one chapter of the book. 
We either pick a verse that tugged our heart or a verse that we don't understand much.
We write both of it down and pray to God to help us listen to what He is trying to say.
We also pray to help us understand the verse that is so hard for us to, well, understand.

Right now, I wanted to share a verse from the tenth chapter that really, truly and deeply tugged my heart.

 When I read the verse, there were like light bulbs going off in my head.
Dreads. Desires.
If we really think about it, both have a common ground, both are anticipated.
Dread is to anticipate something we fear.
Desire is like anticipating or looking forward to something we love or like.
Back to the verse,
It seems that everything we look forward to, what we fear or love, will always come to pass.

It will come to pass.

We all have something that we fear or would love to happen in our lives.
It is up to us on which one will.
The one we dread or the one we desire?
and it depends whether we are righteous or wicked. 

This is like a wake up call for me.
Everything that the righteous desires will be granted.
But lets not forget that everything the wicked dreads will still overtake him.

and another one that really hit my heart is the fact that
We are already made righteous because of our faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 
Our righteousness is a gift!
Therefore, if we are righteous, then we can claim the promise right????
Isn't that exciting!!!
Whatever we desire will be granted.

I have to remember this verse always.
For this weeks Weekly Truth, the leaders said that we can choose whatever verse we want to memorize.
I think I have decided which one is mine.

Feel free to download the lock screen I made for Proverbs 10:24.
Let us memorize it, believe it and claim it!
If you want to use the lock screen, get it here.
Or you can just click the image above.
And if you like it, feel free to share it to your friends.
It will truly bless me if you do that. :)
Have a blessed week!

By the way, as I was reading the comments, two girls commented that they will memorize Proverbs 13:13.
Although they didn't ask me to make one for them, I volunteered! LOL
Here it is.


  1. So much truth! I often forget the gift of righteousness that I have been granted, never fully claiming it. What power it gives, if only I'd get over my dread!

    1. Thank you Melissa! I find it hard to fully claim God's blessing too because of my dreads. I totally feel you. It's just amazing that we are always being reminded by His word and that God is so patient with us. I'm with you in getting over dreads. Let's do it together! :)

  2. Thank you for this! I love seeing what other ladies are inspired to write in the shereadstruth community! What an amazing thing to connect with you through the word of God! Keep it up :0)

    1. Awhhh. Thank you Hillary! I love doing that too. The #SheReadsTruth community really blesses me. You are a sweet blessing to me sister! ♥