July 16, 2012

Praise Report Monday

Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever.
Psalm 145:2

Remember my first Praise Report Monday?
I was greatly blessed when Jessica told me that she will give me an iPod and it's FREE!
My praise report for this Monday morning is related to that praise report.

When Jessica told me that the iPod is on its way here, I got worried if it will really get here.
Our customs is like known for opening packages and even in making them disappear.
But I continued to pray that it will really get to me {with my prayer partner, the Fiance}.
Jessica also prayed that it wouldn't take a month for it to get to me.
Usually, it takes at least a month for a package to get here.
Even mails take at least two weeks.

Are you ready to be amazed and marvel at God's greatness?

Thursday last week, Mr. Postman paid us a visit.
I got a letter from a friend whose name is also Jessica.
I was beaming because I got another letter in the mail. I love mails!
And then he added that I have a package. *gasp*
He said I should get it from the post office that very day.
I wasn't sure if I will jump or what.
I was like wow!!!
Jessica sent it last June 30 and it came July 12.
That was like only 12 days!
It only took less than 2 weeks!
How amazing is that?

the package in all its glory!

Wanna see what is inside?
Okay! Wish granted!

This is what is inside.
Nothing but air bags.

Just kidding!!!
Here is what I really got!

I got a sweet letter from her. :)
There is even a prayer inside that truly touched my heart.
I am so blessed by everything that she said.
This girl have so much love in her heart and also a wisdom on what to say to people.
I ♥ her. {and not just because she gave me a free iPod}
She really is lovely.
Also, my niece loved the paper so much and said that she wants to have it. :)

The package also came with an iTunes card.
I was totally blown away.
My heart was like screaming and overwhelmed with joy!
{Yep, that is me wearing the red shirt in the picture behind the letter.}

 and the most awaited item inside the box
my first ever iPod Touch! Yay!

Isn't she pretty??? 
and yes, I love her!
So far, I am having such a great and blessed time with my iPod.
I am still learning how to use it though. ;)
 I am really really thankful for it.
Thank you again sweet Jessica!

I am really astonished as to how fast God works.
I know I shouldn't be surprised anymore because this is who He is.
But still, at times like this, I could never stop myself from praising Him for being so great! Amen?
I mean He was and is always great, don't get me wrong.
I do believe we should proclaim His greatness even when our  prayers are not answered yet.
Or even when we are going through rough times.
But like I said, it is during these times when He shows how sovereign He is that you will be really blown away.

Oh by the way, the #SheReadsTruth community is now following a new plan titled PRAYER.
Head over to the community and be blessed! :)
Come on! I know you want to! :)

 How did God bless you in the past week?
Please share it in the comment below.
See you next Monday!


  1. Oh my gosh!! 12 days?? God is so incredibly amazing!! I was praying it would take two weeks (God did way better than that!) and that it would make it through customs too. The iTunes card was my mom's idea =). I love this idea of "praise report Monday"!! When reading the Word, it is so clear that we are to praise God with a thankful heart--you do this very very well! <3 you beautiful Hannah!

  2. it does not matter the whether it is something big or small. It is important to God. Praise God!