July 10, 2012

For No Reason

Have you ever cried for no reason?
or get upset for no reason?
What about throw a fit for no reason?
I had that moment a while ago... :(

Good thing the Fiance is always there
especially during emotional meltdowns
and for that reason he made me a poem (uh huh!)

Looking into your eyes is as beautiful as an evening star
So peaceful and full of grace gazing back at me from afar
Skin so warm and soft like puppies fur
How I love to snuggle this is for sure

I really thank God for him.
He is in my life for a reason. (uh huh!)



  1. so sweet and loving as always. Hannah, thank you for allowing others on this journey with you. And Steve, you have such an loving and warm heart! I especially love the way your heart is towards your wife to be, may both of you never lose that compassionate, loving, and joyous heart for each other

    1. awhhhh. Thank you for being sweet Lady! ♥ God bless your wonderful heart.