July 09, 2012

Praise Report Monday

It's time for another Praise Report Monday.
Another time to praise God's greatness and proclaim His name.
God is great and we can take refuge in Him.

I am so thankful to God that throughout the week, He was with me and my whole family.
He gave us good health and showered us with blessings, food in the table and a comfortable home.
I am also thankful that He continues to watch over my Ate Vanessa in Kuwait.
He is really amazing at taking care of her.
We miss her a lot though and can't wait to see her again!

Another thing that I am thankful for is the #SheReadsTruth community.
Reading His truth daily. This time? We're doing it together.
What a catchy phrase right?
How awesome it is to be reading God's word daily!
Much more awesome because you have a bunch of daughters of the Most High doing it with you.
Why don't you go ahead and see for yourself and be blessed!
I thank God that I found the community at the right time.{click here to read on how I found it}
I have been in the community for almost a month now.
I tell you that the founders of the community are really empowered by God to choose the right plans for us to read.
I am currently reading two plans right now, the Soul Detox and Living the Surrendered Life.
The reason is when I found the community, they are already reading the Soul Detox plan.
So when the community started the Living the Surrendered Life plan, I read it alongside with Soul Detox.
You can never have TOO MUCH word of God. :)
And with the two plans, I've been removing the toxic things in my life and giving my all to God.

Another blessing that I am thankful for is a teaching I found in YouTube.
It is by Beth Moore.
The one that really got me to watch it is the title.
Get Out if that Pit.
I totally didn't regret that I watched it.
It was 49 minutes of my life that I am truly thankful for.
If you think you are stuck in a place and feel like you can't get out, watch this.
Feel like you are trapped inside fears and regrets? Watch this.
You will be truly blessed I assure you.

And the last blessing for this post but definitely not the least is my Fiance.
I am so thankful for having him in my life especially this week.
He continues to encourage me to smile and he loves me all the times.
He may not be my best comforter when I am down. God is.
But he is the next best thing to God. :)

 How did God bless you in the past week?
Please share it in the comment below.
See you next Monday!

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