July 23, 2012

Praise Report Monday

Who says praise reports should only be serious and not cutesy?
Praise report is when we give a report of praise about anything God has done for us to the people around us.
It can be about the great things that happened in our lives {anything no matter how small or big}.
It can also be about how God was able to get us through life's trials and difficulties.
It's just like a report card: we are the teacher, God is the student and the people around us are the parents.
And I absolutely believe that God will get straight A's because He is just pretty awesome like that!

I want to thank God that He gave me the strength to get through last week and still be alive today. :D
Last week was pretty intense because it was the little niece's examination week.
She did really great in her exams.
We got 2 results out of 5 exams and so far so GREAT! {I'm gonna write a post about it soon.}
She also got sick but thank God that she is okay now.
No more exams today! Yay!

I am still really thankful for the iPod that I got from Jessica.
I am having a great and blessed time with it.
Like really really great time!!!
I can now read my devotional when I am inside the little girls classroom. {read story here}
Yep, she still throws a fit when I attempt to leave the room so the teacher allowed me to stay inside.
I can now also continue reading The Confident Woman eBook that the Fiance bought for me.
He bought 2 additional eBooks: The 5 Love Languages and Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married.
We are gonna read it together and yes we read the eBook because it is so hard to find these books here.
And then there is FaceTime!
Spending time with the Fiance is much more easier now.
I also downloaded free apps for the little girl about shapes and the alphabet.
Learning is so much more fun now!
Isn't that great! The iPod did not just bless me but blessed the girl too. ;)

Another thing that I want to thank God is the alone time I got yesterday to have my hair done.
I always hear mothers getting so blessed about this and I don't get it before.
But now that I am the one taking care of my niece, having some alone time sometimes is really necessary.
I do love her so much and I love taking care of her but sometimes I just need some ME time.
Little things like being able to pee alone and shower alone are priceless moments! :D
And through the sponsorship of my twin sister and my Mama, I got my hair done!
They are the sweetest!



The before part is a little exaggerated because I really did not comb my hair. hahaha
Anyway, I am just blessed to have some time for my own.
Thank God for that!

 How did God bless you in the past week?
Please share it in the comment below.
See you next Monday!

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  1. Thank God for the small things as well as the big things! awesome!