May 18, 2012

Secrets of a Confident Woman

          I am currently reading the book The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer. A big thanks to my wonderful Fiance for buying the book. I am still on the fourth chapter but I can already say that it is a must read for all women especially for those who are so critical with themselves. I am that woman. This book have so many truths in it and it is helping me how to love myself more and how to be the woman that God wants me to be.

          I was just done reading a chapter of the book where the author spilled the secrets of a confident woman. I want to be confident. Who doesn't want to? Well, I listed the secrets below and I also added my thoughts and learning on each secret.

1. She knows that she is loved. I know that most of the times, I do feel unloved. But I have learned that to be a confident women, I should not be afraid of being unloved because God loves me. God loves me! There is a part of me that really wants to please people because I don't want to be ignored and I want to be accepted but sad thing is I really could not please everybody. So, instead of draining all my energy into pleasing all people, I just need to focus on those who I love and who loves me. Maybe I am too busy asking for acceptance from people who don't and missing the love and care of those who do including God. God loves me and He will provide me with people who will truly love me.

2. She refuses to live in fear. I was thinking that this is so hard for me to do. Most of the times I am afraid and I will always tell myself that I am in a very bad situation because I have so many fears. But I have read from the book that it is okay to feel fear. WOW! What a relief! I may feel fear but I should not let it flood my mind that it rules my decisions and actions in life. Fear is a lie that the enemy use. I need to put my faith in God and despite the fear, I will do my best to do what I need to do anyway.

3.  She is positive. I had my shares of being positive and negative in life. Upon reading the book, I have learned that I cannot be confident if I remain negative. Being positive is a choice and I can't blame anybody for my negativity. :D Although I may have gone through tough times, I can always choose to be positive. It maybe hard but if I look at everything in God's perspective, I can be confident for greater is He that is in me. Also, nobody likes a negative thinker. ;)

4. She recovers from setbacks. When I fail at something, I tend to be hard on myself and really blame myself. My mistakes stop me and I am afraid to try again. However, the author of the book was saying that instead of letting my mistakes stop me, I will let it train me. I will not be able to move forward if I will not take a step further. She was also saying that at least I know I wont do the same step again. No matter how difficult or frequent my setbacks will be, I should not give up for God is with me all the way.

5. She avoids comparisons. I sometimes compare myself to others maybe just to feel good but in the process, I am also rejecting the woman that God wants me to be. I have learned that I need to accept all that I am and glorify God for making me different which is not bad at all. She added that God does not make mistakes. ;) Also, God knitted me in my mother's womb. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I know these things but I tend to forget them.

6. She takes action. When fear is in my heart, I tend to not do anything anymore. As a result, my fears continue to grow and then I will fall apart. Not good at all. I can either wait for someone to make things happen or be that someone. God is a God who makes things happen and since I am created in His image, I need to learn how to make things happen and how to take action. Also since Christ is in me, I can do all things through him because he gives me strength.

7. She wont live in "if only" and "what if". I admit, I tend to say these two phrases a lot. Sometimes I tend to focus on what I don't have and take for granted what I have. I love how the author said that if I give to God everything that I have no matter how small or ineffective it is, God will be pleased with it and give me back more than what I gave Him. I just need to learn to fully trust Him. Finally, in times of fear, in times that I am unsure, I just need to use God's word and use His truth to counter all the lies.

          I must say that this book is like a wake up call for me and helped me look deeper into my heart, my fears and my beliefs. I am ready to face what lies ahead with God in my side. I still have a lot of things to learn from the book and I am really looking forward to all of it!


  1. Hi Hannah!

    I can tell you are already a wonderful woman of God, who desires to serve him with all your heart!

    This blog really blessed me! We sound alike hehe :). I started reading the same book, I am still in the first chapter. But this blog has made me very excited to continue reading about how to be confident.

    I just started writing a blog on the importance of trusting God. I think if we trusted God with our lives, rather than leaning on our own understandings, we would be much more confident. We wouldn't have to rely on ourselves so much, if would just trusted God to fulfill his promises. :)


    1. Thanks Jess! You are a wonderful woman of God too and I am blessed to have you as my sister. :) I am truly excited of what the book has to offer! I saw your blog too and I am gonna read it later. I am sure I will be blessed. It is really important to trust God. There is peace and happiness in our hearts when we stop worrying and really trust God in fulfilling his promises :) ♥ Love you lady!