April 18, 2012

and we are back in Skype...

          That was a one-of-a-kind week! I must say that it is one of the most priceless moments in my life. uhm, not just mine but Steve's too! Since we became friends and started dating, we never really knew how each other would be like in person. We are so used to seeing each other through a webcam. We always use Skype although it gives us a hard time sometimes because I have the "BEST" internet in the whole wide world. LOL

          When I first saw him in person, I was like, he totally look different in real life [good different though]. He also sound very different and oh my, he smell sooo good! LOL. Before the trip, we were kinda thinking that maybe it will be so different that it will be very awkward to talk to each other but it was surprisingly better than what we expected.

          It was so unfamiliar to just have him by my side always and there is no need to rush into the computer just to talk to him. It was magical and I just could not believe that I can hold his hand already and sit beside him.

          But yeah, no matter how breath-taking the trip is, it has to end. Just for a few months though :D. My Fiance is now back in his apartment and we are back to using this Skype thing.

skyping :D

 Thank God for technology. It somehow makes the world smaller. ♥

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