May 06, 2011

His first poem for me

I want to share the very first poem that my sweet poetic boyfriend gave me when we started dating. When he gave me this, I was not able to stop myself from telling him that I love him so much. I am so blessed to have him. :) ♥

Yahweh, You oh God

Yaweh you oh God I truly love
Out of your hands came a dove
You have held in your embrace
it was crafted with your grace
Perfect it will one day be
as we all one day will see
Only the sun outshines her smile
Bringing life just as the Nile

Yaweh you oh God I truly adore
Her beauty unsurpassed by any lore
Out of your heart that her beauty appears
A portrait of colors her life brings tears
An evening sky can only compare
into her beautiful eyes I love to stare
through her heart do your words shine
through her laugh does your smile shine

Yaweh you oh God I am truly blessed
All of my heart to you is confessed
Neither spot nor blemish was your desire
As she waits for the refiner's fire
Even as she appears to me now
through your eyes do you allow
A beauty that is truly so great
For I know she is worth the wait

Yaweh for you oh God I truly wait
For treasures and love so great
She was but clay within your palms
Her life so dear just like your psalms
She is but a vessel of your great light
Out of her mouth your words of delight
They flow forward for your great will
The storm within us comes to a still

Yaweh you oh God I am truly filled
Into her cup Lord you have poured
A spirit of love, mercy, and grace
Only you my God have such an embrace
To you oh God nothing can compare
Her voice is soft her skin so fair
Seeing you God it is easy to see 
How such a beauty has come to be


Now who wouldn't love a guy who can do such lovely things?

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  1. WOW!!! I never knew my son could write such beautiful words and to pull all that from his mind. I know he truly loves you and I can't wait till you two can be arm in arm and face to face. Love you Hannah MOM