April 30, 2011

A Happy Ever After

            Once upon a time, in a kingdom so far (very very far) away, there lives a princess named Hannah whose heart is full of hope and joy. She loves to spend her time at the palace’s garden, walking around on the stone steps, surrounded by the tulips of many colors, breathing in the fragrance of the yellow roses. She considers it pure joy to have a piece of God’s creation right there in their garden. She is having so much fun that she didn’t notice that the sun is going down already until she felt the cold breeze brushing against her face. It’s time to go inside. She looked back into the setting sun and muttered to herself, “Another day is about to end and he is still not back”. She then took a deep breath and began marching towards the castle’s door.

            Right after dinner, Princess Hannah went to her chamber, changed her clothes into her night gown, took the hair brush and walked into the direction of the balcony. She looks up into the night sky and marvel at the sweet little stars twinkling in the nothingness as if they are trying to impress her. She can hear the gentle blowing of the wind and even the singing crickets in the nearby forest. She started brushing her hair when it hit her, “This is familiar! This is the same night from few years ago! I can’t be wrong! This is the same night!” she keeps repeating to herself. “Same stars, same wind, and same sounds!” she added.

She misses him even more. Only God knows how much she misses him. Sweet memories start flooding her mind until she forgets the present and thinks back to what happened few years ago…


            After dinner, Princess Hannah hurriedly ran to her chamber. She doesn’t want to miss tonight’s beautiful scenery. She had been waiting for this in the past few days. “There had been no clouds today so that means I’m going to see them tonight!” she thought as she changes her clothes. She grabbed the brush and her feet seemed to have wings that she almost flew to get to the balcony. She looked up and there they are, shining and glowing as if they are smiling at her. “Oh my! Tonight is a very beautiful night!” she exclaimed and took a very deep breath. She closed her eyes and heard the cricket’s chorus from the nearby forest with the sound of the wind making the moment even more magical and special.

            Then out of the blue, “Croak! Croak!” said the frog. The princess heard the frog but ignored it until his croaks became louder and louder. “This has to stop!” she thought as she slowly looked down and saw the frog looking up into the night sky too. She looked back into the sky and said, “They look so beautiful and enchanting right Mr. Frog?” and smiled. “I totally have the same opinion your highness!” agreed the frog. The princess’ smile disappeared as she started moving away from the balcony, away from the talking frog. “You…you…you can talk!!!” said the princess and she was about to scream but no word came out of her mouth.

            “Princess! You don’t have to be afraid of me! I will do you no harm. I’m a good guy, uhmmm, I mean good frog!” said the frog. The princess stared at the frog with disbelief. “How is this possible?” she asked and added “Well, since you can talk, what is your name then”? “My name is Steve. Can we be friends”? The princess reluctantly said yes. 

            The princess did not regret her decision. A great friendship started. They became really great friends from that time on, spending most of their time talking to each other, visiting the garden and staying there until the sun sets. It’s always their favorite part of the day. The princess noticed that she really really (really really) like the frog but decided not to tell him. Then one afternoon, as the sun was setting down, the frog told the princess about his secret . 

            “What?! You are a prince of the kingdom from the west? But…but…but why are you a frog?” the startled princess asked. “That is right your highness. I am a frog because an evil witch cursed me and stole our kingdom from us” answered the frog. “And how are you going to get rid of the curse then?” added the princess. “The evil witch said that I will only return to my human form, if and only if I will find a true friend despite my current appearance and that she will love me and will accept me for who I am” explained the frog. 

           “Well, I assume that our friendship is true and I love you and accept you for who you are. I qualify right?” asked the princess. “There is but one little problem princess. To totally remove the curse, that true friend should kiss me too. My question is: Will you be able to kiss a frog?” said the frog. “Is that it?” and upon saying that, the princess knelt down, grabbed the frog in her hands and kissed him. 

           A blinding light appeared in front of her and out of the light stood the most handsome man she ever saw. “You…you…you are that frog?” said the princess who is really lost on what is happening. The handsome prince just nodded while the princess was about to pass out but before she fell to the ground, the prince already caught her in his strong arms. They looked into each other’s eyes and they knew right away that it’s not just friendly love but true love. They then shared a true love’s kiss.

            However, unlike any other fairy tale, there story didn’t end up in a “Happy ever after” yet.  Why? Because there story is nowhere near the end! So, let's go on...

            After their kiss, the prince told the princess something that no lover would ever want to hear. “As much as I want to stay here with you and start our own family, I need to go. I need to go back and save my kingdom from the hands of the evil witch. My people need me. I hope you understand that” explained the prince. And so, as much as the princess wanted him to stay, she understands why he needs to go. She can’t go with him either because she also still has her duties and responsibilities to her kingdom because she is not married yet. The prince went away but left her a promise. That he will be back for her, marry her and  they will start a family together.


            The princess started crying not because she is giving up but because she just misses the prince so much. There had been no sunsets that she didn’t expected him to return and watch it with him. There had been no moment that she stopped missing him. She is always there, standing in the balcony,  full of hope, praying that he is doing good and wherever he is, that God is watching over him so he will be back soon, swoop her in his arms and marry her. She doesn’t know how long or how many years it will take but one thing is for sure, he will be back, back into her arms.

I guess Mr. Huffstetler, this is our little fairytale. I may not be a real princess in real life, just an ordinary girl living a life that pleases and glorifies God, but with you in my life, I feel like I am one.  You make me feel like I am.

 I am so excited to be able to share a happy ever after with you my Frog Prince. 
H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y! 

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