March 22, 2011

uhmmm, I am a twin... :D

Okay, don't get me wrong! I don't mean to make that sound disappointing, that is, having a twin. In fact, I am NOT disappointed at all. I am loving every bit of it. I wanted that one to sound like me having an awkward moment especially when I don't know what else to say. Still confused? Okay here we go...

There had been lots of times that people confused me with my twin sister. And I really mean LOTS! of course it is the same with her. People confused her with me for lots of times too.

Growing up, we are so used to have people mix us up together. Neighbors, people from church and sometimes even our parents [just a few times]. I guess the only person who was never confused on who is who is my brother Jeff. :) I mean really! When he is like 1-2 years old, I and Majvell would come to him and let him remember what clothes we are wearing. Then we would exchange our clothes [this is the time when our hairstyle is almost the same], go back to him and let him choose who is who and HE ALWAYS KNEW! :D

Some people, like our classmates, are able to distinguish us after being with us for few years at school. However, some people, even if they already knew us and been with us since we were kids, would still be confused. LOL. Yes. People from church are still confused on who is who even up to now.

To ease the burden of these people, both me and Majvell learned to answer when someone calls us even if it is the other's name. This helped a lot especially when we were in college. We had a different P.E. class and her classmates would confuse me with her and mine confuse her with me.

However, sometimes it gets really hard to handle because we meet lots of different people. She meets people that I don't know and I too know some people that she have not met before. I learned to smile to whoever will smile to me even if  I don't know them because maybe they think I am Majvell. Majvell learned this too. The disaster happens when we are not able to do this and the people we know us might think that we are snobbish. Yeah, this happened lots of times and they feel bad until they know that we have a twin sister.

Here is one funny experience. I was at the coffee shop and I was so focused on working on my paper. Then a lovely lady walked in front of me and said "Hey Ma'am! Why are you so serious with that!" and when I looked up, I don't know who the girl is! It took me long to realize that she confused me with Majvell and I guess my smile showed up late. When the girl went to the counter, I fought with myself (yes, I do that) on whether I'll go to her or just ignore what happened. I finally decided to ask her if we really knew each other and told her I am a twin. She does know that Majvell have a twin and she realized already that I am not Majvell when she got my response.

There are times when we pass in the hall separately and the other students think that there is this one girl who is always changing her clothes. hahaha. and the when we walk into the hallway together, we will always hear them whispering "They are twins?" and we will look at each other and just burst into laughter.

Seeing the people's confused faces is so funny to look at. It is so much fun having a twin!

Now let us see if you can guess who is who... 

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