March 24, 2011

that was scary...

March 22, 2011
11:00 PM

Last Tuesday night, I was in my room while spending time with Steve through Skype. Cathy was already sleeping in her bed. Then when I was saying goodnight and my goodbyes to Steve, somebody tried to open the door of our room. It is so hard to push the door open because the bottom part of the door touches the floor and when one pushes the door, it creates a noise so you will really know when someone is going inside. When I heard the noise, I just ignored it and continued saying goodnight to Steve (it is so hard to say goodnight...LOL. sometimes, it takes at least 10 minutes to say goodbye. *wink*). 

I expected that someone would come inside, probably one of my roommates. After a few moments [it was still so hard to let Steve go], someone tried to push the door again but I didn't saw someone going inside. Finally, Steve and I ended the call and so I decided to check who was that trying to get inside. 

I walked to the door and called my roommate's name [her name is Hansyl]. No one answered. The only thing outside the door is a cockroach who was waving his antennas at me. LOL. I tried calling her again and then Kristine from the other room told me that Hansyl is not home. She is at her classmate's place.  So I asked Kristine if she tried to come inside the room. 

What scared me was when Kristine said that she didn't. She was just at her room watching some movies. Then I asked her "Who was that then?". I checked the front door and its locked. No one could get inside from the front door. So I checked the back door and it was open. Then I slowly realized, no one could possibly get inside from the backdoor because of the  tall walls. Unless its a thief! 

A thief tried to open the door!!! 

Scary thoughts started flooding my mind and my immediate reaction was to check the other room and the bathroom. When I was about to open it, I thought, what if he have a knife? So I grabbed my things from the living room and ran inside the room. I was soooo scared. 

What did I do? I called Steve and told him about the situation. He was so worried (who wouldn't be?). I called and told few friends about what is happening and they told me to just stay inside the room and if the thief is still inside the house, we will just let him go. We started making noise. Steve told me to call the police but I was thinking it will take a long time for them to respond and it will be better to call the guards of the subdivision instead. and we don't even know the number of the guards. And we don't have a telephone too. Good thing that Majvell was at school that time and she was the one who called the guards. Steve was starting to get really mad at me because all I was telling him was I don't want to call the police and forgot to tell him that Majvell already called the guards.  and Steve started texting some people to put a sense on my head and call the police. I didn't know what to think already...

When I heard the guards coming, HOH! It was such a great relief to see them and have them search the house. They didn't found anybody from the other room and from the bathroom. I was so happy and felt good right after that. I guess, on his second attempt to open the door, he heard that some is still awake and decided to leave right away.

God is really soooooo great. AMEN? He is our protector and He will take care of us. He alone makes us dwell in safety.

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.
Psalm 4:8 

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  1. Hannah! That is so scary! I'm glad you're ok. You are brave. :)