March 29, 2011

gifts from him

My sweet boyfriend sent me a package for my birthday! It was scheduled to get here last Saturday, March 26 but then they changed it to March 28, Monday. Maybe they don't deliver during weekends. By the way, this is the progress of the shipment :

pretty complicated right???
 We got worried because it was not delivered yesterday. What if something went wrong? What if its lost? All of the negative thoughts were gone when it was delivered few hours ago! Isn't that amazing!? It arrived on my birthday! Yay!

the little one is excited for me :D
And I'm sure you want to see what is inside? READY?

1. let us start with the CARD - a Taylor Swift musical card that sings FEARLESS!!!

yes, I love TSwift! (and he don't mind)

2. hair accessories from my favorite shop - CattailsStudio

she loves it. who wouldn't?

3. his shirt [no picture included]

4. my favorite - the LOCKET! ♥

yay! He knows I really wanted a locket ♥
i guess my niece love the locket :)

He is so sweet! I couldn't ask for more. Thank you God for this wonderful man. <3

And by the way, I spent my birthday as a baby sitter to the world's sweetest angel. That is why she is my model on the pictures!


  1. aww! What a sweet boyfriend Steve is! I'm glad you like the headbands. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Hannah! Wish you all the best!

  3. dauyyyy...locket lang ako... translate that to Steve hanana girl.. mwahh! <3