March 07, 2011

kisses behind the window


  • You wake up in the morning and went straight to the computer to check any important messages or emails. Then out of the room comes out one of the most beautiful sight in the whole wide world. A little angel rubbing her eyes, her hair is a mess and yet she is smiling! What could be more beautiful than that? Oh wait! Yeah! If the little angel comes to you and asks you to carry her and hug her. Feels a lot like paradise especially when she allows you to kiss her. 
  •  You are packing your things and the little angel [now showered, hair combed and still got those smile on her cute lips] is watching you and starts asking you, "Balik na ka Iligan?" {Are you going back to Iligan?} in her baby language. You looked into her eyes but you had to look away. She doesn't want you to go. *deep sigh*. Now you are ready to go, kissed the angel goodbye and closed the door behind you. You wear your shoes and right there behind the glass window, the little angel is looking at you, smiling at you and kissing you while pressing her lips against the window. Another beautiful sight

Two scenarios showing one little angel. Both involve bundles of cuteness and heart warming feelings. Both involve lots of kisses and yet only one will end up a happy memory. The other one, a bittersweet beautiful memory.

The second scenario, what will you do if you are in that situation? Me? I gave her a kiss. Another kiss. and another kiss. Then I left as fast as I can. Maybe as fast as Cinderella while she is running away from the prince before the spell is over. I don't want her to cry.

But the sad truth is I don't want to cry. *deep sigh* The little angel touched my heart in amazing ways and I know she will continue doing that in the coming years. I will always miss her every time I am away from home. That will never change. She is such a great gift from God!

Right now, I am looking forward to the next time I will be able to go home and see that beautiful angel rubbing her eyes, her hair in a mess and those cute little smile on her lips. I'm just not looking forward to the moment that I will leave her again kissing me behind the window.

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