March 04, 2011

the big D

Every once in a while, we people find ourselves in a battle against the big D. 


Lately, I feel so discouraged about school and just about everything. What is so not great about this discouraging feeling is it feeds lies and lies and lots of lies into your head. It keeps telling you  that you are a no good person. That you can't do anything because you just can't. That you are a failure. That you are not the person that God wants you to be. Discouragement makes you feel so bad about yourself. You then tend to turn inside and refuse to hear everything. You close your mind to possibilities. Then I realize,

I can't be in this zone forever! 

I have to fight through it! There is a wonderful teaching that me and Steve listened to the other day. It talks about if we want to be successful Christians, one of the things that we need to learn is to beat discouragement. Then it goes on and talk about one of the strongest and greatest men in history, Moses, and how he too fought his way out of discouragement.

What is amazing is the promise or assurance that God gave to Moses during this time:

And God said, "I will be with you...
Exodus 3:12a

Moses was a great man of God. He may have been discouraged but look at what he did! He was able to free the Israelites from being slaves. He was able to do great things because God was with him. Then suddenly, I heard God talking to me at that moment. He will be with me. He will guide me. He will never leave me. Isn't that amazing! Then I realize that I can too because I have God with me. I may not do something as great as delivering people, but I can fight through discouragement and do great things, the things that God wants me to do. and you can do it too...

Moreover, find someone to pray with. Someone who can pray for you and with you. You can't do it alone. We need to encourage one another and build each other up. We need each other. God gave these people to us to help us. So go find one! and if you have one, be thankful for them... ♥

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  1. Hannah, this is awesome! Samantha and I have been going to a Bible study on Tuesday mornings and it's all old testament stuff, learning about the building of the tabernacle. One of the lessons was about how God was with them, she (Beth Moore) even pointed out a ton of verses where God says, I am with you which really makes you get that he really is!! Thanks for sharing this. :)