February 20, 2011

My Inspirations

Everything is just so tough in school lately. I have not slept on my own bed for a week now! I miss the feeling of laying down on my comfy bed. I have not been home at my hometown for months now! I miss home. I miss Papa and Mama. I miss my Ate Van (elder sister). I miss Jeff (younger brother). I miss Zyrish (beautiful niece)! I miss my inspirations! Good thing I still have Majvell (twin sister) and Cathy (younger sister) here with me. I so miss the people from home!

Yesterday, we were suppose to spend the day at the swimming pool! Family day! and I was sooooo excited! But then again, Papa, Ate Van and Zyrish all got sick and that is too much for my Mama so we canceled it. Then, Mama told us that they will come visit us Sunday instead.

Sunday morning, Papa called and told us that he and Mama are coming to Iligan but we wanted to see Zyrish and Jeff soooo bad! So we requested them to bring them! and they AGREED!!!! We are soooo happy! Ate Van can't go with them because she is still sick.

Anyway, we agreed to meet at the mall and when Zyrish saw us (me and my twin), she was also very happy to see us! I can't believe how fast she grows! She is totally like a cute little lady!

see that look on her face! :D

a closer look of our angel! ♥

soooo adorable!

and then a series of picture taking followed! They said I am the female version of my father. What do you think?

with Mama and Papa

Oh my goodness! My brother is growing up too fast too! Look at how handsome he is! 

he is almost as tall as Majvell (p.s.: look at the little lady) ♥

Cathy is finally here! 

uhm, Papa, the camera is here!

So finally, lunch is over! We went upstairs to buy clothes for Zyrish, Jeff and Cathy! During this time, I realized that our little lady is growing up and is totally capable of choosing her own clothes! She is just TWO years old! TWO!!! We found lots of cute things for her but she just shook her cute head and  said "Dili na!" (not that!). Okay lady!! What do you want then? She then went and grab a cute jean and said "Kini!" (this one!) and then she was totally excited that she started removing her clothes so she can put it on! She also got a new shirt which is pretty cute and a RED jacket! 

Here is our model.

with her cute slippers and new clothes

She is adorable! Right?! If she would just smile! Well, maybe that's what models do right? :D

a tip from our model: don't look at the camera so you will look a lot more cute!

Of course! This should not be missed! A pose with the jolliest bee in the world, JOLLIBEE!!!

there is her red jacket ;)

Too bad, they need to go home! :( Bummer!!!

I can't let her go...

The time we spent with them is the most precious in the whole wide world! My well of inspiration is full again! Thanks for coming over Papa, Mama, Jeff and Zyrish! I needed this so much! I thank God for them!

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