February 14, 2011

A Poem for Valentine's Day

I am so blessed to have a poetic boyfriend! I have poems written especially and only for me! How awesome is that? :) I asked Steve if I can post it here and he said it's mine so I can do whatever I want so YES, I'm posting it here! How I wish I can make something as great as this. :D

---♥♥ ----- ----- --♥------- ----- ♥---

Always loving me, With a heart so warm
Bringing comfort that calms the storm.
Within I hide a treasure so deep,
A gift only for your heart to keep.

Always loving me, with a heart so bright,
When I am lost you bring me God's light.
Reminded of how complete we become,
Placed and upheld upon God's bosom.

Always loving me, with a heart so beautiful,
So delicate, and tender, I must be careful.
Letting it radiate, as it brings delight
Just basking in wonder, at such a sight.

Always loving me, with a heart so sweet,
I'd cross the oceans to kiss your feet.
My heart leaps, just as my mind races
Toiling and spinning my heart dances.

What can I say? I am just very lucky to have him!  

I thank God for him!

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