February 11, 2011

SIX months and counting

An event is coming. Birthday, anniversary and things like that. You have your mind on it. Excited for that day and the things you are going to do. You talk about it a lot. Then the day came and you completely forget that it is that day until somebody reminds you of it...

Yup! That happened to me more than once already. Sometimes it will be a family member's birthday or worse mine. I won't completely forget it. I just won’t remember it on the earlier part of the day. Then when I remember it, I will call or text that someone right away.

It happened to me again. I totally forgot that it’s the 11th of the February which means that I am dating Steve for six months now. I was always thinking of this day but then completely forgot it until, well, Steve reminded me. Hahah. It’s no big deal really. I just find it funny how I forget events on the first few parts of the day.

But anyway, I am so happy to be dating this awesome man for six months already. He is my special gift from God and I'll always be thankful to God for him.

Now, Valentine's Day is coming, my first ever with someone special to celebrate with. Maybe not in person though :( but we will make it up to each other on the next few Valentine’s Day along the way. YAY! I'm excited about it but then again, I hope I won't forget. LOL.

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