February 07, 2011


Here in the Philippines, foreign dramas are TAGALIZED [dubbed in our language, Filipino/Tagalog] and are extremely popular to the point that they can even surpass the ratings of the local productions.

One famous tagalized drama is the Korean drama series Lovers in Paris. You can watch the series at the link. Anyway, I mentioned this one because the character Kang Tae-young [or Vivian Kang in the tagalized version] is so adorable. When she needed to do something and gets nervous, she will take a deep breath and shout "Aja!".

Aja comes from the famous Korean expression "aja aja fighting" which is used to cheer someone up or even yourself.

Lately, school works are getting really tough now that graduation day is fast approaching and we need to finish our thesis as soon as possible. I'm usually flooded with feelings of worries and frustrations and sometimes I think of giving up. :( I want to say Aja! but it seems that I can't.

However, this afternoon, when I got back from buying several school supplies, I got an instant message from my twin sister saying 

"keep trying, you are definitely going to make it :D aja.. :D. 
God bless"

I was like, WOW! That message totally blessed me! She totally lifted my spirit up and warmed my heart and I remembered the word of God saying

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
Philippians 4:13

I am so thankful for my sister for always being there for me to cheer me up and bless me. She has always been like that, my constant encourager. If I will be given a chance to choose how my Mama will be pregnant with me, I will still choose to share the same womb with my twin sister. How great it is to see your reflection without using the mirror!!!

In this post, I just want to commend you for a job well done. You lifted my spirit up today. That is something I will always be thankful for! 

I ♥ you!!!

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