February 05, 2011

So Many Things to be Thankful for

          Dating someone half-way around the world have its own shares of ups and downs. Probably, the most difficult thing to deal with is not being there physically to hold hands, give a comforting hug and share a kiss.

          When Steve and I started dating each other, we already have the idea of how difficult it will be. However, I never expected it to be more difficult than what we thought of it. Just the fact that I can't be there to visit him and take care of him when he is sick totally breaks my heart. I can't be there with him and invite him for a walk in the park when he is frustrated about something. We don't even have the opportunity to watch a sunset together and just marvel on God's wonderful creation together. I admit, these things frustrate me a lot to the point that I'll be crying and just get very sad about it.

          Since we can't be there physically, we make it sure that we get to spend lots of times together especially when we both have a free time. Since he works at night, it’s like we have the same time of going to bed and also waking up. However, there will be really tough times when we can't have the time to sit there and spend some time with each other. These are the moments when he is having a very rough time at work and I have a very crazy schedule at school. Then when the internet connection starts acting up, feelings of frustration and sadness just overwhelms me. Everything gets really tough and I will be missing him a lot and I'll just start getting crazy. You can't blame me.

But would you like to know what keeps me going?
 my man and his warm loving heart

 He will just flash his smile at me and will always lovingly tell me, 
" Sweetie, there are so many things to be thankful for . . ."

          Indeed! There are so many things to be thankful for. When I start to look at the things more closely, the ups always outweigh the frustrations that I have. The very thought that God brought us together despite the distance is one great thing to be thankful for!

          And now I'll start talking about the things I am so thankful for and things that blesses me so much in this relationship. The best thing that we love doing together is praying. Since we can't be there on each others side, we compensate it by praying and I mean praying a lot no matter when or where we are. Praying with Steve is one great opportunity for me to grow and be the woman that God wants me to be. When one or both of us gets frustrated, prayer fills our heart with peace and clears any anxiety that we have. We also have the chance to study the word of God together, listen to teachings and build each other up.

          Another thing to be thankful for is the opportunity that we have to talk to each other when he is at work. Steve would always ask me, "Do you know a couple who has the opportunity to talk to each other while the other one is at work?". None that I know of! I must admit, my friendship with Steve got stronger during the times when we get to talk about just anything when he is at work and he would need someone to talk to.

          Also, although this distance may frustrate me, sometimes it is something that we are thankful too. We get to know each other deeply and develop our friendship in a level that I think we won't be able to do when we are near each other. I know myself and he too knows himself well and we admit that we can never be this open to each other if we had been together in the first place.

          Then there goes the many ways we explore to be creative and bless each other. One example is when I went to the coffee shop one afternoon because my internet connection was acting up. He went outside and bought coffee from a coffee shop, went home and spent some time with me and it’s as if we were having a date in the coffee shop. Of course, he blesses me so much with the poems and limericks that he made only for me! Here is one sample:

Like feathers of a dove, her beauty is art,
As a gift from above, I've won her heart.
A smile from my honey
Worth more than money
I thank GOD my love, your life I'm a part.

Like I said, dating someone from far away maybe difficult.
However, there are always so many things to be thankful for.
Good thing we have a romantic God! 

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