February 04, 2011

Procrastinating Crafter

You might say a crafter should not be a procrastinator at the same time. If you want to be crafty, you need to like stop procrastinating at all and be more focused on the crafts that you want to do. This is not exactly the procrastinating that I mean. Here, let me explain...

I sometimes worry too much. I worry that I won't be able to finish my school, worry that I won't be able to finish my requirements for school, worry about lots of things. This is actually not good. The word of God in says:

"Can any of you add a single hour to the length of your life by worrying?"
Matthew 6:27 

It made me think, worrying doesn't make it any better at all! What is even worse is my attitude. Instead of facing these worries, I tend to put them at the back of my mind acting like I don't worry at all but deep inside I am. So I'll just continue ignoring these worries and feel really down as the time goes by.

While I was in this troubled situation, I found out that I love to create beautiful things. I am not really good at it but working on some crafts makes me think and calms my mind and my heart. So I started surfing the internet of what cute things I can do and it did not fail me.

I started working on friendship bracelets. I so love making them but it takes a lot of my time and I decided to stop doing it and resume when I graduated from school which is a few more months away. Then I saw that a good friend and a great sister in Christ, Mandy Estes, makes really cute things and I totally love the things that she did. The frustrated crafter inside me is going crazy and I so wanted to know how to do those cute things and looked for it in the internet and I did made few of them and totally loved it! Then I wanted to have a sewing machine so bad! The things that I want to do, ENDLESS!

Then it came into me, I can't totally enjoy doing these things if I don't get to finish my studies now and if I wanted to do those cute things, I need to put them aside first, do my best on my work at school which will end this March and then I can go back to crafting! These thoughts help encourage me to finish this one as soon as possible. So I made a deal with myself,


No more procrastination and just focus on the job at hand.

Now here I am writing a blog because I believe that sometimes I just tend to procrastinate again if I don't have a thing speaking to me of the things that I should be doing. This blog is kind of a reminder of what are my priorities for now and I feel good seeing this and be reminded that I need to finish my slides for the report next meeting.

Till next time...

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