March 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Longest Roommate Ever

I always wonder what it was like to be with you in Mama’s womb.
We know what it was like but we just can’t remember huh.
I look forward to the day when we see God and ask Him to replay that scene for us.
I'm pretty sure He has a video thingy to record those precious moments right?

Today marks a quarter of the century in our life.
Isn't that amazing?
25 amazing years!
I always thank God that I have a default best friend since the very beginning.
Remember when I was back at home after living with Lolo and Lola for a long time?
I was uneasy and didn't feel like I actually belong in the family.
But it all turned out okay because you were always there.
If I needed something from Papa and Mama, I would always come to you first and let you do the asking.
I guess that’s why I consider you my hero and why I always look up to you.
With the things you went through, I admire you all the more.
You are a woman of God.
I am pretty sure that God is soooo proud of the woman you have become.

There were times that I have probably looked up to you more than I should that I wanted to be you.
You seem to have everything figured out and I wanted that too.
I was not jealous of you but I wanted to be like you.
Talk about struggling on having my own identity.
But as always, you are always the first one to encourage me that I don't have to be you.
I will always be a second-rate Majvell because you are the best Majvell out there.
I can only be the best Hannah I can be.
I have finally understood how that works now.
You are one of the few persons I can truly thank for that.

You and me
Very much alike and yet very different in so many ways
I can't imagine a life without you.
Although I already feel complete on my own but it would be incomplete without you.
Strange huh.
That’s because you are always part of me.
Always have and always will.
So glad to be one of the few lucky ones who get to experience this twin life.
I love you forever and always. 

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