July 30, 2012

Praise Report Monday

It is time for another praise report!
Although I think this will be my last PRM.
I'm just gonna stop the series but I will forever praise God for His goodness.

The #SheReadsTruth community that I belong to is doing Friday SheShares Link up.
I love how the SheReadsTruth Team put it this way:
It is a way for us to share stories of how God is changing each one of us. 
Life change.  
New beginnings. 
 Fresh starts and messes wiped clean.  
Rough roads and aftermath of life’s storms.  
The stories of how He is changing our life. 

I usually just link up my Praise Report Monday to the She Shares link up by Friday.
But then I decided to just do it every Friday. 
It is a matter of preference.
I will be starting this coming Friday.
It will still have my praise reports as well as how He is changing me with His word.

Now for my praise report in this lovely Monday morning.
I am so thankful for the wonderful family that God gave me.
Yesterday, no one came to the home fellowship.
It was just us.
My Papa, Mama, younger sister Cathy, younger brother Jeff, niece Zyrish and I.
But that didn't stop our family to sing praises to God.
I am so blessed that I am with them in glorifying God.
We also prayed and prayed a lot especially for out brothers and sisters who were not there with us.
I am confident to say that no life storm can ever break us apart because we are held tight by God's love.
I  am indeed very blessed!

I also want to thank God for how He took a hold of my heart when it was hurt by someone I cared for.
I am not going into details of how it happened.
I am just thankful that I found peace in Him.
When I didn't know how to deal with the situation,
God worked on the situation.
Forgiveness was already given and I am on a healing process right now.
Still I want to thank God for reminding me of His truth and His big love for me.
People may hurt me but He will always be there to love me.
He is there for you too!
Never ever forget that one.

 How did God bless you in the past week?
Please share it in the comment below.
See you this Friday for the She Shares Friday link up.
Or if you haven't checked the #SheReadsTruth community, don't be shy and click here to go there.
It will really bless you.
Come on!
I know you want to!!!
I love you in God's love!

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