August 27, 2012

Our Leap of Faith

Hey Sweetie!
I'm afraid I haven't told you lately about what I feel for you.
Hmmm. I'm sorry! 
Let me change that right now. :)

Mr. Cuddly Bear, I am so excited for you, for me and for us right now.
You want to know why?
Things are finally slowly falling into place!
A big thanks to our Daddy {our writer and matchmaker}!
Thank you so much for working so hard to follow what God wants you to do.
Credit card is almost paid off!

You could have chosen to not deal with it, but you did!
It would have taken a lot longer for this to be over, but now I know that this will be over soon!
and with you moving to the new apartment, I believe it will even move forward faster.
Do you know why I trust you so much?
Because I can see that you trust God!

Thank you so much for seeking God always when you make decisions.
You may have made mistakes in the past, but those are forgiven.
And those does not define you.
I can really see how you are committing your life to Him right now.
That blesses me so much.

Our relationship has always been a continuous leap of faith from the start.
Yes there were so many happy and wonderful moments.
But there were lots of hard times too.
There have been so many instances where I think others might want to give up already.
But you didn't.
I didn't.
We didn't.

Thank you for inspiring me to continue pushing forward with my schooling.
You have seen my roller coaster ride of emotions and yet you never left.
Thank you!
You have been with me when I needed to choose.
Should I just give up or continue?
Then you reminded me of what God would want for me.
He only wants the best.
For me.
For us.
Right now, I'm taking another leap of faith.
Thank you for taking the leap with me.
 I really truly appreciate having you in my life.
I love you so much!

Now you know why I am excited! :)

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